Expert Drone Services


Real EstatE



We offer a wide variety of work that we can customize to fit your clients expectations from eye catching property sizzler videos, to incredibly accurate  3D models of the exterior of the house and property.


For very large and upscale Homes, Properties, and Estates we offer free estimates based on the size and number of structures, and the overall acreage of the property to be filmed.



  • Exterior stills of the house and property
  • Full post processing
  • Color Correction
  • Editing
  • Short turn around time to keep you moving


Add - Ons

  • 60 - 120 second property showcase video
  • Orthomosaic Map
  • 3D Model of property





We are excited to provide Project management services for a wide variety of applications; from construction management and progress evaluation to monthly monitoring of conservation land. These recurring services offer a long term view and analysis of projects to show changes over large periods of time and to monitor progress and conservation efforts.



  • Rercurring flights over the same area, daily, weekly, monthly, as needed
  • Advanced aerial data collection including Volumetric Analysis and Photogrammetry
  • As each project will vary naturally in its scope and domain, we provide these as bespoke services custom tailored to your individual project needs!