Unique 21st century cross curricular instructional opportunities

Remotely possible is proud to provide high quality professional development to Educational leaders, administrators, and teachers. We develop, maintain, and produce curricula to incorporate UAS into the national educational system. Our curricula holds current best practices, cross curricular connections, and is aligned with 21st century learning, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Common Core Curriculum frameworks.

We can help your school to set up one course or ten courses in unmanned systems, providing lesson plans, activities, logbooks, best practices, and hands on training. In addition to all of the materials that you will need to offer a course, we will provide continuing service, help, and online training for students and teachers. 

If your school is looking to reach more students, and give them applied STEAM education, that will not only engage them, but will help foster problem solving, analytical, and design thought processes; Take the first step to a better, brighter future... Get in touch with us now!